time for a change...

it looks like illya & i don't have to move to canada after all (even though illya was kinda' looking forward to becoming a canuck)!!
seriously, no matter what your political party is, no matter who you voted for, you must admit it is a great step for america to vote in a biracial president.

may God bless our new president and guide his decisions...

President Barack Obama



6:24 PM

I have too much personality to move to Canada so I am SOOOO glad that I don't have to now!! This is the coolest day ever!!

  Piter and Heidi

11:26 PM

Change can go both ways! Let's all pray for our new President and our country....also that the "changes" are better than some of the ones that were tried in other states this election year....like California (sooooooo glad that one lost!


3:05 AM

i totally agree, heidi! i think even the people who didnt vote for obama is praying for him. but, which one are you thinking of in california?