want some cheese with that wine?...

i know what you're thinking...
why are 3 mormons at a winery??
(sounds like the beginnings of a really bad joke...)
pretty funny, i know. but, my nephews mom works @one on the weekends.
since we had to meet up with her to drop off my nephew, we (my dad, illya and i) decided to drop him off at the winery.
it was amazing there!
the land
the grapes
the bottles
the barrels...
we couldn't snap our cameras fast enough. anyway, mormon or nonmormon, we hope you enjoy these shots!


  Meg & Cache

11:19 AM

Sarah you are so cute! Ok first of all, i would love to see a winery, ha sounds weird, but your pictures are so pretty and i love the scenery. We went to Sea Side oregon last year and it was so cold so i know how felt. But you look like you had tons of fun! Hey if you guys are ever in the idaho/utah area, let us know! it would be so fun to see you again! i love the writing on your blog, very cute!


2:25 AM

it looks like you guys have been have lots of fun outings. ALL of the pics (from both posts) are amazing. I love looking at other people's pictures. i can't wait to post about our little vacay to vegas. we got back this evening- it was a blast. i love having alone time with ammon! it was so great!

love ya! miss ya! say hi to chair next time you talk to her! or give her my email or phone #- we could txt too. hmmm... i think you're being tooo protective of her. afraid i'll steal her away aren't ya! it's late- i'm tired- sorry about all the above. got carried away!

  Adam and Dantzelle

8:41 AM

Hey! The pictures from the winery are amazing and I would love to go to a winery! So in China you see the older kids wear normal pants so they must potty train them sometime. On occasion you see grown men just start peeing. Akward! But hey its China, most things go in China!