life's a beach...

so, we went a couple of weeks ago to the beach.
yeah, i know...
a couple weeks ago??
i lost the thingy-ma-bob that helps me down load pics to my computer.
but, alas, i found it!
my pappy, my nephew, my nephews mom, cassidy and i
(oh, but of course, lucy, too!)
played hooky on a monday and took off for lincoln city.
when we first got to the beach, it was
it seemed that keegan was the only one who didn't mind not being able to feel his toes!
we warmed up at moes eating the
~best clam chowder in the world!~

soon, the sun was shining and we headed to another beach passed lincoln.
this is where i got all these shots.
hope you enjoy!



5:53 PM

Thanks for the comment, beautiful pics. I'm now going to have to stalk your blog as well!