goodbye burgers! hello hair cutting!

so, with getting a new job recently, and power cleaning our garage, it has set me in a mood to really get the rest of my life in order as well!

the two major things i need to work on is getting into a cosmetology school to become a hair dresser and getting fit.

the reason why i'm telling you all in the blogging world this is because i heard once that the more people you tell your goals to, the harder it is to give up on them. and it's true!! imagine all the things you've wanted to do, but you kept them to yourself. how many of those dreams did you sweep under the rug because you were the only one who was disappointed that it was never started or finished? most of them, right? it's hard to go back on your word if you know EVERYONE will find out about it and question you why you haven't achieved it yet!

so, here it is! i'm letting it out there! i wanna' be in school (or at least signed up) by the end of this year. after school, i'm planning on working, building up my clientele and then, after a year or two, having my own salon in my own home. this is a 2 or 3 year process and i'm about to turn 28! times a' tickin'!

also, i need to get healthier...again! we all have done it, the up-and-down-yo yo-dieting (notice, i didn't say "diet". i HATE that word! diets are programs you do to get skinny, but not to permanently live with. i try doing "life changing dieting", where i can adapt it to my long term life...too bad i give up on it too soon and go back to my twinkies & chips dieting!). i need to have a happy balance of eating right and exercising that i will keep to my whole life. i don't want to get pregnant at my size. eek! i couldn't imagine adding another 20 pounds to my already overweight body! yikes! i also want to be in a healthy habit so i can teach my children from the womb how to eat properly. this is another step i WILL do before having kids.

i'm not brave like my friend, annie, who posted her starting weight and ending weight along with her goal pictures of herself years ago. i'm not that brave!! but, i'll let you know how my excerise and weight loss is going. i will try to find a before and after picture for you as well! so, if anyone wants to join me with getting your life in order, please keep me posted as well. we need all the support we can get!!

happy changing!!



  Piter and Heidi

10:56 AM

congrats and good luck! We are right behind you all the way with our Rah Rah Rah potato chips and Go Go Go for the ice cream attitude!!! Just kidding we really do wish you the best!


2:27 AM

well look at you all up beat and positive! way to go!! it was fun talking to you the other day. i am right there with ya. i am trying to loose the poundage. one thing i learned this summer is that i DON'T like the "gym" type working out. I much prefer the cheesy workout vids at home. it works for me. can't wait for you to get into beauty school so that you can fix your choppy hair!! hahaha GOOD LUCK!


10:20 PM

I think that is awesome, and it is true the more people you tell the more likely it will get done. I told my entire RS about my "lifestyle change" in a lesson, and now I am down 40lbs! It helps a ton! And we so need to get together. Maybe I will try calling you!