taking our own animals to the zoo...

welcome animals of all kinds!!...
with illya gone, and most of the family at the oregon ducks football game, our family friend, jenn, and i decided to take 3 of the grand kids to the oregon zoo.

yes, you can say,"oh, that is so nice of you two! 3 kids, that aren't your own, to the zoo for the day? why, you guys are saints!" my answer to that is...yes, yes we are. but, we did it, mostly, because we are children ourselves and really wanted to see the animals.
now, it wasn't all sunshine and roses taking 3 kids, but we still had a blast (and, if anything, reminded me to refill my birth control order!).
amaya really wanted to see the alligator, caysen wanted to see the bugs, and everett just wanted to lick every chain, handrail, and fence that was in arms length!
we really wanted to see the new baby elephant that was born this summer, but when we rounded the corner, we saw a line that wrapped around the elephant house and strectched to the bird show stage. we looked at eachother, then looked down at the kids and asked,"do you wanna' see the elephant or the rest of the animals? pick one." they chose "the other animals"...good choice!
but, our favorite HAD to be the gazelle! we sat there, watching it for a long time, just chew and chew and chew. i decided to take a video of it, and was able to start taping just at the right moment. all of us got into this fella'! he was quite entertaining. even everett was captivated and screamed to see more. just keep your eye on his throat. you won't be disappointed!