smokey hot lips...

reason #304 why i love portland; discovering the amazing foods it has to offer! yes, portland IS weird and we're proud of it! and that pride shows in our food. i mean, of course we would be the ones to think of bacon on doughnuts & put salmon on pizza. so, finding all of these amazing places are addicting. of course, the downside is smaller wallets and wider hips. but, it's worth the sacrifice. another place we decided to try was "hot lips pizza".

they have wickedly good pizzabut what they're known for is...
 their homemade, natural, locally grown and bottled SODA! now, i am not a pop fan. but, this stuff was 

 and, as you can see, i was not the only one loving on them. i even found out they will fill up a growler full of soda for 8 bucks...yep, i'm there.
not so good were the skies driving home. at this point, we had some major forest fires going on near us. as we drove over the columbia river, we saw the smoke hovering above us. yeah, kinda' an icky way to end a happy day, but at least our bellies were full.