my type of market...

i admit it...i am obsessed with farmers markets. there...i said it. 
i, seriously, cannot get enough. i tried to make it there as often as i could for their fresh and local fruits and veggies.
but, let's be honest, they have amazing goodies too!

the farmers at this table said they got a little bored after setting up. as a child of the 80's, i gave them much respect for this...

YELL OOOOOOO!!! go ducks!!...

these are some of THEE best cookies i ever had!! the salty chocolate cookies were a-ma-zing...

shhhhhhh! baby sleeping...

lori doing her impersonation of "squidward"...i'm so glad i'm not the only child-adult i know!

so, now that it's october, the farmers markets are starting to close up shop. where in the world will i go now on saturday mornings for fresh eggplant? or green beans?...or peanut butter creamy crunch cookies?


  Piter and Heidi

10:19 AM

Great post....sorry you are going into withdrawls for the winter...too bad you can't just hibernate:(((((((((((( ;)

  Naomi Mae

2:06 PM

Oh I love farmers markets! Especially going with friends!
I love all your pictures (pacman pride!) Miss you guys!


10:27 PM

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