it has sprung...

it's spring! yay!...'s spring. boooooo!

i'm officially dying here. i'm going to go OD on nyquil now...
someone wake me when it hits summer.

~ sarah =(


  Thayne, Brandy and kiddo's

12:17 AM

Yuck! I know how you feel! My allergies were going CRAZY last week!!! It was hard to function! I relied on Sudafed!!!

  Hilary and Brian

1:19 AM

Your comment on my blog totally made my day! I miss you guys, I'm going through some serious withdrawals so I think a trip is in order (as soon as Brian gets back). Sorry bout your allergies or cold or whatever you have! Flonase works wonders, so does a humidifier, I have some Allegra D feel free to come and get it :)

P.S. isn't my background just adorable!! haha you make me laugh! hopefully no one steals it this time right!