thanks nat!

what could this cute bundle be? and, could it get any cuter??...

apparently, yes it can!!

this cute apron is a giveaway that i found through my friends blog.
if you want a chance to win it, go here to optimistic obsessions
(side note: to be honest, i don't want ANY of you to win. i want it all to myself! but, if i do a post telling you all about it, then that gives me better chances to win. so, let me post this and then none of you enter the drawing. agreed? *sigh* thanks!)


  The Paxton Family

3:12 PM

yes but if "I" win it, I can give it to you ;-)
You really would look cute in it

  Thayne, Brandy and kiddo's

3:37 PM

That is super cute!!!
So you really think my boys look like me??? I know Sariah and Eli do, but Isaac really looks like Thayne!!!!
So how are you guys anyway?

  Piter and Heidi

7:56 PM

Okay, I won't try to win it...good luck!


9:47 PM

right. i hope all of your friends enter. you didn't NOT enter for me. but that's ok cause i'll win anyway. :) and when i do i'll let you look at it. hehe

  The Paxton Family

5:21 PM

You are my favorite.
Thanks for all the comments. You really know how to make a girl feel special. Seriously. You are the best commenter (yes it's a word) I know.