Sarah's first tattoo

For her birthday, Sarah really wanted a tattoo. So, we went to go see our now, new friend, Rocky, were he designed her a shooting star cluster on her foot. Thanks, Jenn, for holding her hand while I took the pictures (even though, I think you held her hand tighter than she was holding yours!). Happy birthday, my love! You are my cute one! ~ Illya


  Hilary and Brian

8:50 PM

oh my goodness gracious girl you are so brave! when brian got his he said he almost passed out haha and i'm pretty sure i cried when i just got my ears pierced! and just so you know we totally miss you guys so come see us before we come and see you!

  The Paxton Family

12:27 AM

FINALLY! How long have you talked about that :-) I hope you and your tattoo will be very happy together (cuz you don't have a choice now!)
Can't wait to see it in person!
Plus the pictures are always :-)


1:03 AM

i really have absolutely NO idea how in the word you were able to do that!! I think it would be just a little to painful (and permanent and big) for me.



5:19 PM

Enjoy it for now...Cause you KNOW I'll be making fun of you when its all fat (from preggo cankles), wrinkled (when were sitting in the nursing home together), and the day you wished for somthing else.

Love you. Hate the tattoo.