illya and i were sightseeing in DC today, and while walking around, we saw
"the biggest loser"
flags in the mall. i am a HUGE fan of the show. so i, of course, HAD to see what was going on.

at first, we both thought that it might be auditions. but, then, we saw all the solid, bright colored t-shirts, and i said to myself,
"holy crap! they're taping an episode for the next BL season!!"

we found out that bob and jillian were going to do a workout with not only the contestants, but anyone else who wanted to join...so join, we did!

but, before the workout, we got a chance to meet some of the biggest loser people, like bob...

...the host, allison (she is so gorgeous!)...
...some of the contestants (here's danny! yes, they brought him back from last season!! i'm so thrilled because i loved him!)...

...and jillian! she was so great. she was genuinely sweet and encouraging!

soon after, we started our workout
(yes, i can now say we have both worked out w/ bob and jillian)
and, let me tell ya', i can't wait to try some of their moves at home!

here is liz. they had a challenge to try and get as many people to the workout and whoever got the most won the challenge. and liz won!! so, she and jillian took anyone who wanted to go to subway for free sandwiches. of course, illya and i never say no to free food!

liz is a grandmother in her 50's, the oldest woman on the show, and she has been able to stay on the show 8 weeks w/out being voted off. she was so inspiring to talk to. i can't wait to watch her in action on the show!

and here's illya, the 3rd member of "the pink team".

we were so excited to be in the right place at the right time. stay tuned to "the biggest loser", starting september 15th. and, for the DC episode, watch for it in november
(don't forget to look for illya and i!!)



11:55 PM

I am so freakin jealous and excited at the same time!! You always get the coolest, most awesome experiences!! I can't wait for the next season!

  Thayne, Brandy and kiddo's

12:23 AM

Holy crap you freaking SUCK!!!! We have watched that show from day 1! LOOOVE it!!! Jillian is my FAVORITE! Fun times you guys!!!


12:26 AM

That is totally awesome! And you too are looking great, You don't even need biggest looser! MIss ya, and let me know when you are back in town!


12:49 AM

Holy crap! I knew I should have moved my plane ticket another week! I get home Saturday from DC and all the fun happens Sunday....I'm SO BUMMED!!! But I can't wait to check you guys out on BL! I'm so envious!!!


3:42 AM

well that fits- considering your current frame of mind. how fun for you!!!

  The Youngs

3:43 AM

Neat. I am confused though. All the picts u took are outside but yet u said u saw the flags in the mall?

and maybe u can fill me in on something else: At church people were saying they went to the mall to see the fireworks on the 4th. They kept saying "the mall" like im supposed to know what mall it is. I know of a lot of malls around here lol! Did u go to the same "mall"? Im so out of the loop. :)

  Stacy Hanna

7:47 AM

Sarah, You are basically famous now!! that is so awesome. I love stuff like that. I am glad they brought danny back too. I know he can do it, but I didn't think he would do it on his own at home!!

Oh and Vicki, I don't know if you have had a chance for anyone else to explain. "the mall" is a large strip in dc that has all the museums and monuments. So it is outside and it has a lot of grass. All the pictures you see are on "the mall"

  The Hanna Family

8:58 AM

That is so cool! I always thought that I would meet someone famous being out here. The tabloids would always say Angelina Jolie was in DC for shooting but I haven't been lucky so that is so awesome you got to do it!!!

  Adam and Dantzelle

10:05 AM

That is AMAZING!!! You need your camera all the time, with all your star spotting! You are like the papparazzi except the stars go to you! hahaWe do need to go to D.C. more! You will have to show me some moves!

  The Paxton Family

11:50 AM

We are so having a HUGE Biggest Loser party this fall to watch your episode! It will be so much FUN! :-)


12:42 PM

Holy Cow! I am so jealous! Our whole family was seriously addicted to the show last season! You are so cool! I can't believe you were able to get pics with everyone! I am so happy to see how thin Danny is ! Good for him! Everyone has such good timing around here..seeing all the celebs all the time!

  Piter and Heidi

7:11 PM

Happy you got to experience that!!! It's fun meeting celebs!


1:48 PM

While I don't watch the BL, I think that is SO COOL for you!!!! By the look of you face you were pretty dang thrilled!! It always pays to have a camera with you!


1:48 PM

I LOVE Biggest Loser! Lucky!


2:20 PM

that is just about the coolest thing EVER! can't wait for the season to start. i'll be looking for you.