the reviews are out...

well, the day came!..."twilight", the movie, is in theaters! i wasn't able to see it until this saturday, and i purposely decided to not listen to the reviews because i wanted my own opinion of it. so, if you are like me and you haven't seen it yet, DON'T READ ON!!

..okay, those people leave the room? good. so, for those who HAVE seen it or those who want to hear what i have to say about it, here it goes....

no puns, but it sucked! okay, now i know that, that may seem harsh, but i truly was hoping for more. i went into with an open mind. we all know that movies never compare to the books. and i also knew they would hack apart the book to fit their big screen needs. but, from the camera work, the added scenes (which didn't need to be there!) and what they left out, it was all a mess! the part i couldn't handle was the HOKEY acting (thanks melissa for the perfect word!). bella's constant heavy breathing and edward's played up, mellow dramatic fits of torment had my friend and i rolling in the aisles. jenn summed it up perfectly,"this movie feels like a 'lifetime' movie of the week!" it, truly, would have been perfect for a made-for-tv setting!

now, my dear husband went with us (if anything, to see why i was all over him while reading these books...come on! admit it! those books are like the female version of viagra!), and he said it was okay. maybe if you haven't read the books, you can see the light a little more. but, for those who have read them, sorry! it's just sad.

one of the few cool parts is the awesome shots they have of oregon/washington. for those who don't know these areas, you probably couldn't spot them in the movie, but let me give you the heads up:

*the part where they walk into the forest and she tells him she knows what he is was filmed in oxbow park, a 25 minute drive from my house, just passed gresham, oregon.

*the columbia river gorge is EVERYWHERE in this movie, including the part where they are swinging in the tree tops

*their prom location is actually a bed & breakfast off the "old highway" in the gorge. it's amazing there! my husband and i love to drive it whenever we have spare time and need to relax with each other.

*the waterfall they show is multnomah falls, located in (you guessed it) the gorge!

so, for me, i'm giving this movie 2 outta' 5 stars. not the worst film, but, definitely not worth the hype. sorry, ladies!