12:27 PM

Hated the books...refuse to see the movie. Sorry it didn't live up to your expectations


1:30 AM

no, brit, sadly enough, it DID live up to my expectations! i knew it was going to be bad. it just went to a whole new level of bad!

  The Browns

1:18 PM

that is so awesome! I went to the midnight showing so I would have to call myself a Twilight freak :P I liked it though, I think they did a good job and I can't wait for number two!

  The Browns

1:31 PM

I think I liked it because I knew it was going to be bad too. I expected the cheesy glitter they glued to his face and the long stars and rushing hormones and bad acting. I was ready for all of it and I just enjoyed it for what it was worth ya know? It's like reality TV, it's horrible, awful, sickening, but it's kind of fun :P


6:07 PM

SARAH! I am the worst BFF ever! So now I am #3 of top 3 bff's. I never even got to call you to say happy birthday!!!! Soooo......


I hope it was a great day for you and that you had a fabulous time.

And since I probably won't talk to you before then either...
HAppy Thanksgiving! Have a great day relaxing and enjoying your family!

I really do love you! sorry i suck at being a long distance friend!

btw- haven't seen the movie yet. i'll get around to it some time...