chicks rule!!

so, if you are done with reading grapes of wrath and moby dick, i highly advice you to pick up a fantabulous book called "bitter with baggage seeks same" for some light reading. it's a hilarious picture book with adult humor. just for kicks, i wanted to share a few of my faves! enjoy!...

bridget had to ask herself if the "all over" body wax had in fact been a very bad idea.

a vasectomy was definitely on mr. miller's short list of things to do.

an eerie silence quickly enveloped the cohen family wagon. the last turn had been a grave mistake. they were no longer en route to california but heading south, deep into the heart of kentucky.

now and again, cinderella took a ride through the old neighborhood after a day of shopping. she felt it was important to keep in touch with the common folk.


they called her fat, but mama called her sturdy. they called her obstinate, but mama called her ambitious. they said she wasn't graceful, but mama said she was a powerhouse. and now the hefty little underdog from keene valley had won the gold. the only obstacle left was getting out of the arena without being tarred and feathered by russia and finland. mama?


  Piter and Heidi

4:43 PM

I wouldn't take offense if I were you Sarah...Of course it is your choice to have or have not and when!!!! Piter and I get the same question all the time...and I'm pushing 49 years and we have his son and daughter, my daughter our 4grandkids between them all!!!! So take it in stride and don't stress about it....We Love you...Heidi

  Piter and Heidi

4:45 PM

oops! Wrong post but you know what I meant!!!!


2:19 AM

HA. it is choppy. it is a bad cut. i don't care. i did it and i'm proud!!! JUST KIDDING!! I know what you are saying and who you are talking about. What i want to know is.....what did HER hair look like!!?! Do i need to come up there and take care of the situation!?! i will do it too. Funny funny girl!