my luck is turning...

friday, august 1st, 9pm...nat and i needed to kill some time. we were going to be heading for a "breaking dawn" book party to buy the new book that would be released at midnight. but, we had a few hours to kill, so we did what we always do while we needed to pass the time... we went to the strip mall in the back of our apartments. while we were at the grocery store, we headed for the magazine aisle (like we always do), and could you imagine what we saw when we turned the corner? BREAKING DAWN!! we both started to smack each others arms and jump up and down. how could it be? it's 3 hours away from its' release! and now, we were torn. what do we do?? we both had books reserved at borders with discounted prices. could we justify buying it at full price? here's the conversation (all said in about 50 seconds):

nat: "oh my gosh! i want it! how much is it?"

sarah: "22.99! borders price is 14! crap!"

nat: "i don't think i can pay that much!"



sarah: "only the preface."

nat: "shoot! what do we do? should we buy it? or should we just wait until tonight to get it cheaper?"



sarah: "just the first chapter...okay, i'm going to hold it and pet it and love it until i decide if i want it or not"...30 seconds later.... "okay, i'm buying it!"

nat: "really? okay, me too!"

sarah: "but what if we go to the check out and the lady says we can't buy it until midnight."

nat: "....self check out!"

what made the night even better was once we scanned our members card, it knocked 7 bucks off!! the book gods were smiling down upon us! so, after some calls to our husbands to tell them not to rush home so we could use the cars, and smugly knocking on a few wives apartment doors to show them our early arrivals, and a couple group text messages, we were on our way to reading bliss.

i may be poor, have thunder thighs, and haven't won anything since my 2nd grade "just say no" drawing contest (1st place, thank you very much!), but, august 1st, at 9:11pm eastern standard time, someone up there was showing me a little luck that i'd never had before.

one of the most beautiful sights i have ever seen...

natalie, not being able to contain her shock and joy...

proof of our luck...

reading and texting other twilight fans...see? i AM a multi tasker!



12:58 PM

hehehehe that is great. i remember it like it was yesterday! well...we just must be lucky and wasn't it sooo good!!!?! YAY US!


7:03 PM

yes, but now we've read it and the breaking dawn joy is over *sniff sniff*. how sad!...good thing we have 4 months until the movie to build up that joy again!!

  Ty and Whit

9:18 PM

Oh I miss you guys!!! I'm getting so lonely without Ty!!! That really was a hard summer and I'm honestly glad it's almost over!! We'll have to see if we do it again next year!! I hope you're doing good, we have to stay in touch!