lifes little roller coasters...

So, illya and i decided to try out six flags amusement park on sunday. first impression- is it normal to ask for a kidney at the entrance? holy crap! even with a coupon, we still felt like they were asking for body parts along with our credit card. but, once we were inside, we decided to let it go (me more than illya) and to just have fun...but, how can you have fun when the first 3 rides we walked to were closed?? we got a good whine out, then headed for rides that were open. stepping into our first roller coaster, all bitterness escaped us and was replaced with terror. this thing was HUGE! it took off, and i did what i always do when i'm hurling towards my death at speeds unknown...i laughed! i couldn't stop once i started. illya just swore in russian (which didn't help the laughing). after many roller coasters like this with not enough time to re coop since the lines were so short, we decided to chill on some lazy river water rides. well, they didn't turn us upside down like the previous ones, but they did throw us through some rapids that made us soaked from the neck to the knees! we would've stayed longer, but the storm clouds rolled in, which made us run for the hill (...or our cars, more or less). in the end, with being in the car, soaked and cracking up, we drove home not caring about the cost of the days fun.



6:31 PM

you never told me much about sunday. hmmm maybe if i would shut up for a sec and let you get a word in.... hehe so ummm sounds like it was an adventure. and i don't think that shirt you are wearing is "g" worthy.... as addie would say "IMMODEST!" *snicker snicker*


6:42 PM

if you tell addie on me, i'm going to kill you!! i don't need the modest police on my butt, thank you very much! hehehe