my husband is so talented part 3...

my husband is just so freakin' amazing! he was asked to be june's "local artist of the month" at
anne amie vineyards

they are choosing painters/sketchers/photographers who are from the portland area and selling their work. i am super excited for illya to be apart of this experience.
can i just shout it from the rooftops how awesome my hubby is one more time?? oh, let's be honest, this won't be the last time i talk about his talents. i'm so glad people are seeing you gift, my illusha!

(check out his photo website or blog for more breathtaking shots)


  The Paxton Family

2:10 AM

yes, he is pretty awesome. :-) we always knew that about him, it's nice that's he's getting outside recognition more and more! that is so super fantastic!

  Piter and Heidi

9:17 AM

His persistance and great work is paying off!!!! Way to go Illya!!!!

  Hilary and Brian

1:41 AM

Come to Idaho ooohhhh come to Idaho!!! (Sing that to a tune of your liking). Illya please come take me and Harley's photos, we have a spare room for you and Sarah.
Love Hil

Don't forget Lucy