the day after the big day...

the night following my moms wedding, we had a big spaghetti feed at my aunts house. it was great to reconnect with people i haven't seen in months or even years!

here is "pig", my cousins beautiful baby boy. i think his grandpa kinda' likes him...

my aunt from provo has worked with the orphanages of haiti for years. when the earthquake hit them in january, she did everything she could to help out. that included, flying over to make sure her friends and loved ones were safe, as it showed here in all of these newspaper articles.

some of her friends that help run one of the orphanages there were having a hard time. to help with their stress, my aunt offered to take their 3 daughters back home to utah until things calmed down there. i was so blessed to meet these 3 young ladies...and, as you can tell, my 2 nieces grew to love them very quickly, too.

we maybe loud and sarcastic...

...but we are family...

...and that's all that matters.


  The Paxton Family

1:07 PM

first of all...when i pulled up your blog, Makayla ran over to the computer and said "plaksey!" or some mumbled form of it... i'm not sure how to spell her rendition of plaksey... and "sarah!" SO CUTE! So you can tell that even SHE is excited for this weekend!!!!
Second, thanks for posting again FINALLY!
That is really amazing about your aunt, glad she was able to help out.
And I LOVE pig's hat! Seriously LOVE IT!

  Piter and Heidi

9:07 PM

I love that about your aunt!!! Awesome...Thanks for the new are so is what it's all about!

  The Paxton Family

8:01 PM

so i was bored today and decided to find new blogs to become addicted too and was looking through your friends to see if any were as funny to read as you :-) then i got really depressed because i was not on your friends list :-( after all that commenting!
but don't worry, i forgive you.
i realized my blog was under "one DAY at a time" instead of the actual name "one STEP at a time" so since you are PRACTICALLY my childrens god parents you get a free pass on the wrong name so long as you come visit soon :-) love you!


12:47 AM

Thanks for the great post, you are so good, I need you to keep my blog up for me you are such an awesome blogger and BTW I need some of those family photos they are AWESOME!! You are the best!
Love you!!