snow day...

so, the secrets out...WE LOVE SNOW!! it's just sad that we live in a place that normally doesn't get a lot of it
(there's a reason why oregon is known as the rainy state!)
you can imagine how happy we were to wake up yesterday morning to find portland blanketed in snow.

we decided to celebrate by having a walk in the snow to get some pictures. we weren't the only ones enjoying it, either. we passed by families out and about, smiling and playing in it
(we even had a grown man ask us if we wanted to have a snowball fight with him. it would've been funny if we weren't living next to a bunch of crazies! we told him,"no thank you," and quickly walked the other way).
not only did the snow last all day, but because of the temperatures dropping, it should be here all week!
thank you, global warming!

p.s. we might be in heaven, but lucy is hating life right now! we have to force her to go outside twice a day to go potty. i've never seen a dog pee so fast in all my life!


  Ty and Whit

1:26 PM

I love the snow too!!! Your pictures are so beautiful!!! I love them! I love your pink hat too:) I hope you're doing good!!


2:41 PM

LOVE the pink hat!! I've been less than thrilled with the snow here, especially when it's supposed to be a frigid 18 degrees this weekend. Sometimes I can't believe I survived in Russia!

  The Browns

9:44 PM

Okay so I can't really agree with you on the snow thing, but i still think you guys are freakin' awesome! I just hate snow with a boiling passion because I have lived in Rexburg the last 3 years and it's really friggin' cold right now. It's like negative 8 I think and the snow is crazy! I DO love your pink hat though and your Christmas card was so super duper cute! Can you send me your address so I can send you our Christmas letter? Thanks! Hope you guys have fun while the snow lasts in your neck of the woods and have a fun Christmas!


2:39 PM

how fun! i am a little jealous. but it has been rainy and overcast here. that's good enough for me. i love that pink hat! that color looks soooo good on you!