Ode to our APX summer...

we are now home and i can now look back with a new found realization of how happy i was we did this seaonsal job this summer. so, here is an ode' to all things apx...

~the florida sun on the pensacola beach

~krystals cheeseburgers

~afternoon activites with the other wives

~little ceasars pizza in the same parking lot of blockbuster (cheap date night!)

~going to eat chicken wings with jordan and naomi (watching him eat those things was hilarious!)

~walks to the bread outlet (25 cents for a pack of english muffins? can't beat that!)

~getting sarcastic texts from the techs (it made the days i had to work go by faster! thanks boys!)

~venting to annie about how much i hated being the OA (it really did help, annie!)

~3 words: water balloon fights

~getting the opportunity to try something new in virginia

~hanging out at the pool with the ladies (...and getting a kick butt tan w/out burning the crap outta' my legs!!)

~harris teeter and ac moore, the best stores to cure boredom!

~introducing 5 apx wives to the glorious world of twilight!

~eating free soup samples w/ addie (man, i love that girls appetite)

~free pirated movies off the internet (dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17!)

~my favorite thing we did in virginia, the luray caverns!!

~peanut butter bars!!!!!!

~getting introduced to "the office" (bless you, mike!)

~fireworks on the mall on the 4th....totally worth getting soaked!

~meeting naomi and natalie...i love you girls!