...and moses is in my kitchen...

so, i was watching "bringing home baby" on the tlc network today (yes, i know, i'm such a girl). and on this particular episode, it showed a missionary and his wife bringing home their 3rd baby. anyway, let me fast forward to when the dad was bathing the 2 older kids, and something struck me as being odd. i even rewound it on my dvr so i could make sure i wasn't wrong with what i saw. and, i was right.

above the toilet, was a cross. yes, a crucifix right above the toilet. is it just me or do you find this odd??

lds people don't normally display crosses since we like to look beyond the pain of what Christ went through and think of why he did it and the glory that came after. i am lds, so i'm not quite up to parr with cross etiquette. but one above the toilet seems strange, even for me.

there are a few reasons why you'd have a cross or picture of Christ in your home. 1- you want to show people who enter your house your belief in Jesus Christ. 2- you want positive things in your home to keep the spirit of Jesus there.

so, really, do we need to proclaim it to your world, "please, use our bathroom! and while you're at it, see we are strong Christians!"?? or are you really going to "feel the spirit" while nature is calling (hey, it was the best way i could describe it without being crass!)?

i know it's a little thing, but i can't stop thinking about it. granted, it's not as bad as musicians thanking God and-or Jesus for giving them a grammy when they have half naked women in their videos or song titles such as "i cheated on you because you got fat".

but, i can't help but think of the phrase "a time and a place for everything". for me, there's no need to have a reminder of Christ giving his greatest gift to us in a bathroom.

...okay, i'm off my soap box now!