the fourth

i know independence day has come and gone already, but i just couldn't help but wanna' show you how cool my fourth was. one of the things i was excited about the most when we found out we were moving up here was the thought that i was going to spend my fourth of july in our nations capital. how often can people say this (okay, smart mouths! i know you 're thinking, "ah, maybe those people who live in virginia year round?" well, i'm not counting them!)? i knew that i was going to make it down to the mall to watch the fireworks, even if it meant walking there! luckily for me, a lot of the apx workers had the same idea as i did, and most had cars! so, we hitched a ride and saved the walk! it POURED once we got there, but the sky cleared up 45 mins later, just in time for the show. let me tell yeah, sitting in mud, our clothes and hair damp from the rain was all worth it to get shots like these. so, please enjoy the video below of the finale to the fireworks show...i know i did!